Teak decks

Nauteka import and only use teak wood from Birmania with origin certificate for the manufacturing of the decks.

MANUFACTURATION: This process start with the patterning of the area to cover with teak. Afterwards, it is processed through a CAD software and transferred to CNC machine that makes the mould to the pieces. Manufacturing is made in our workshop until the deck is ready to its installation, when it is not necessary to dock the boat or yacht. This process let you have a deck made highly precise, quality and in short time, without any inconvenient damage or dust during works on the boat..

INSTALLATION: We move specialised carpenters to your boat. This installation process is just the sticking of the deck panels and sealing the edges of the teak deck..

GUARANTY: Nauteka offers guaranty to every work, both in material and labour, anywhere in the mainland or islands. Ask for other locations..


In Nauteka, we also made glazing works and offer you efficient solutions and highest quality glazing in any kind of boat, from windows, to hatches and portholes.

The products used to boat glazing by Nauteka guarantee waterproofing, safety and great impact protection.

Specialized works

Other areas where we have great experience are outdoors wood ceiling, railings and outdoors teak furniture.

Do not hesitate on asking us about any project, our technicians would look for the best solution to your boat necessities.


As with decks, the manufacture process of outdoors ceilings starts digitalising the measures, either through scanner laser or our LEYCA TS. Our technical office handles all the ceiling designs according to customer requests, considering how it looks, design, fixing system, insulation and resistance to all weather conditions.

There are different materials applicable to ceiling outdoors manufacture, composites, plywood, wood. We can manufacture in any of these materials meeting any requirements.

Standard panels

We also offer the possibility of making the teak finishing on your boat through using premade standard panels, what leads to a more adjusted price and a tested and guarantied quality.


Nauleather, as its name says, is a leather floor made of bovine skin, treated in a tanning process that make it salted-waterproof. Its natural appearance adds the luxury and requirements needed to the most exquisite sailors.

Main characteristics:
  • WATERPROOF. Resistant to liquids: This skin let a margin of 15 – 30 minutes to dry before its complete absorption thanks to Goretex finish.
  • ANTIALERGIC. The skin rejects any kind of dust mites.
  • THERMAL. Due to its natural conditions, it is heatproof.
  • ACOUSTIC. It gives more comfortability to the ambience.
  • NON-SLIP. Its finishing emphasize its natural wrinkles to fulfil more efficiently this function.

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