Sea Cloud Spirit

In this mega sailing yacht the high standard of quality demanded needed an exquisite planning and study of detail.

The Sea Cloud Spirit is the second largest sailing cruise ship in the world.

  • Nauteka has made the Burmese teak decks installed on the VERANDAH, LIDO and SUN decks. All fixed with stainless steel bolts, maintaining the classic atmosphere of the boat.
  • Almost 700m2 of deckhouse and bulwark panelling, all manufactured, varnished and installed by Nauteka.
  • Benches with double function of lifejacket storage along the length of the boat.
  • Handrails throughout the boat, finished in varnish by the Greek brand Coltech.
  • Other decorative elements such as boxes covering the telephones and wires, in keeping with the classic style of the boat and the lining of the deckhouses.

In addition, Nauteka's staff installed masks on the bow and stern, elements that were made by various auxiliary companies.

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