Training ship Cisne Branco

Training ships represent an important niche market for the company. In the last four years Nauteka has installed its roofs on three training ships: TS ROYALIST built by Astilleros Gondán (Asturias) for England, BAP UNION built by the Sima Shipyard in Peru and BIMA SUCI built at the Freire Shipyard (Vigo) for Indonesia. This important experience has led the Brazilian navy to place its trust in Nauteka for refitting the deck of their floating embassy.

During a stopover that the CISNE BRANCO made in the port of Gydnia in Poland, a specialized technical team from Nauteka moved to make the necessary measurements. The panels are produced at our facilities, and then transported to Rio de Janeiro where they are installed on-site.

In addition to the deck, Nauteka is also responsible for manufacturing and installing the skylight lining of the bow deck.