Nauteka install the deck of Cisne Branco´s training ship

Training ships are an important market niche for Nauteka. On the last four years, the company had installed their teakwood decks on three training ships: TS ROYALIST build in Gondan Shipyard (Asturias) for England, BAP UNION built in Sima Shipyard in Perú and BIMA SUCI built in Freire Shipyard (Vigo) for Indonesia. This great experience aroused Brazilian Navy on trusting Nauteka for refitting the deck of their floating embassy. After a year negotiating, this project was signed last June and it is already being manufactured to be ready on the first quarter of 2020.
Last month, during a scale of Cisne Branco on Gdynia Port in Poland, a specialized technical team from Nauteka moved there to take measurements. Right now, panels are on full production, and will be deliver on board next September on course to Rio de Janeiro to get into the installation next November.
In addition, Nauteka would also manufacture and install skylights lining on bow deck.


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